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The Fielding Bible

The Fielding Bible Vol IV
The Fielding Bible Vol III
The Fielding Bible Vol II
The Fielding Bible

Bill James Gold Mine

Bill James Solid Fools Gold
Bill James Gold Mine 2010
Bill James Gold Mine 2009
Bill James Gold Mine 2008

The Bill James Handbook

2015 regular bound
2015 spiral bound
2014 regular bound
2014 spiral bound
2014 Erratum Download
2013 regular bound
2013 spiral bound
2012 regular bound
2011 spiral bound
2011 regular bound
2010 spiral bound
2010 regular bound
2009 spiral bound
2009 regular bound
2008 spiral bound
2008 regular bound
2007 spiral bound
2007 regular bound
2006 spiral bound
2006 regular bound
2005 spiral bound
2005 regular bound
2004 spiral bound
2004 regular bound
2003 edition
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