Company Overview

With roots that run deep within the industry, BIS has been providing high quality, innovative baseball data to its customers for over 11 seasons. BIS is committed to providing top-notch service and is equipped to meet the statistical needs of any customer. BIS provides comprehensive service to fifteen MLB teams, as well as many sports agents, media outlets, fantasy services, game companies and private individuals. In addition, BIS produces The Bill James Handbook on a yearly basis, The Bill James Gold Mine, and The Fielding Bible.

At BIS, we collect a statistical snapshot of every important moment of every Major League Baseball game with the most advanced technology, resulting in a database that includes traditional data, pitch-by-pitch data, and spray-chart hit location data. The company also has the highest quality pitch charting data available anywhere, including pitch type, location, and velocity.

Career Postings:

2014 Internship

Internship Overview

BIS is looking for highly motivated individuals with a desire to work in the baseball industry. Video Scouts will have a chance to make an immediate impression on the company, as BIS is still relatively small in size. Each Video Scout will be collecting data that is directly used by several MLB teams for advance scouting purposes. Not only will the Video Scouts become more familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of hundreds of professional players; they will learn about the ins and outs of the baseball statistics industry.

Internship Responsibilities:

  • Score and pitch chart MLB games using specialized computer software
  • Check the accuracy and validity of data
  • Prepare and analyze statistical data for delivery to customers
  • Assist with the production of the 2015 Bill James Handbook
  • Provide administrative support to the full-time staff


  • Demonstrated knowledge of baseball and baseball scorekeeping
  • Ability to identify and differentiate between pitch types
  • Computer proficiency and the ability to quickly learn new software
  • High school or college baseball playing experience is preferred but not necessary
  • Must be able to work nights and weekends
  • Enrolled or recently graduated from an accredited college or university

Internship Timeframe:

The internship will begin on or about March 18th and conclude at the end of the regular season (September 29th), with a possibility of extending through the middle of October.


An hourly rate of $7.25 and/or college course credit will be offered to each Video Scout

Anyone interested in the internship should send a cover letter and resume to Dan Casey at No phone calls please.

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